The total designed of work environment by office planning and project of layout.

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Create a new office style.

Due to the development of information technology and the diversification of work style, the office positioning is now drastically changing. It's not only an efficient work space but also a comfortable space for everyone. Functionality is one of major factors to make a comfortable office, but not enough to create an excellent office. For office workers, an office shall be an important place for communication and a space to help producing liberal ideas. We always try to create a new office style for people to work pleasantly and vigorously.

Design office environment.

What's necessary for an excellent office? It's neither new equipment, useful work tool, innovative interior, nor expensive furniture. It's to create an appropriate environment to each business needs. Requirements for office vary by industry and business organization as well as job description and work condition; for instance, less spending hours of sales people and full hours of clerical staff in office. Interior design is significant for these companies, who want to appeal their corporate images externally. A new desk layout may improve working efficiency. A bright and relaxing space may help creating new ideas. We will totally support in creating an appropriate environment to each work style including space planning, network construction, interior design, and office furniture.

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